Ocean Bump Dice Game


Dive into the wonders of math with the Ocean Bump Dice Game! This exciting game merges fun with learning, turning math practice into a thrilling underwater adventure.

It is designed for young mathematicians in kindergarten through elementary school and features 12 vibrant game mats. Children can enhance their math skills, from basic addition to mastering times tables. Perfect for classrooms or home learning, math has never been this enjoyable!

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Introducing the Ocean Bump Dice Game – where fun and education swim together perfectly. This enchanting game has been thoughtfully created for parents and educators who wish to inspire a love for math in children from kindergarten through elementary levels. With its unique blend of amusement and learning, the Ocean Bump Dice Game is set to transform how children perceive math.

Key Features:

  • 12 Unique Game Mats: Dive into a math adventure with 12 beautifully crafted game mats, featuring one exclusively for addition and 11 others for both addition and multiplication. These mats cater to multiplication practice from x2 to x12, adapting to your child’s growing math skills.
  • Interactive Gameplay: The engaging mechanics involve rolling dice, summing numbers, and multiplying figures, which is perfect for young learners. The ability to “bump” an opponent adds a fun, competitive twist, keeping the game lively and unpredictable.
  • Durability and Eco-Friendliness: Each game mat can be laminated for repeated use, making it a durable choice for classrooms, homeschooling, or everyday play.
  • Educational Benefits: The Ocean Bump Dice Game enhances addition and multiplication skills through interactive play. It’s designed to make math practice enjoyable, encouraging children to engage with numbers and calculations more effectively.

Why Choose the Ocean Bump Dice Game?

The Ocean Bump Dice Game evolves with your child’s growing math proficiency. Its adaptable and engaging “bumping” mechanics keep the game challenging and exciting over time. Its focus on individualized learning and interactive play makes it an ideal tool for various educational environments.

The Ocean Bump Dice Game fosters mathematical skills, critical thinking, strategy, and social interaction among players. It is perfect for playdates, family game nights, and classroom activities.

Turn math practice into a sea of fun and exploration – because math is an adventure waiting to be discovered with the Ocean Bump Dice Game.

** This is a digital product that you print out. Nothing will be shipped **


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