Charades Printable Game Bundle


A screen-free activity, playing charades is perfect for a family game night, a gathering of friends, or as an engaging classroom activity for kids. And with 20 pages and 7 themes of fun, you’ll have enough material for hours of entertainment. So why not start the fun today? Get your charades bundle and start having a blast!

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Are you looking for the perfect activity to keep your family or classroom engaged and entertained? Keep the fun going with this Charades Printable Game Bundle!

It includes 7 different themes and 20 pages to play with: Animal Charades, Superhero Charades, Beach Charades, Ocean Charades, Summer Charades, Disney Charades, and LEGO Animal Charades.

Plus, one sheet of blank word cards is included for creating your own! With LEGO Animal Charades, your kids can build ideas while having others guess what they’re building.

Keep your kids entertained and off screens with this interactive and enjoyable activity! Charades is helpful for practicing both creative problem-solving and nonverbal communication skills in a totally fun way.

This family game is sure to bring hours of joy with friendly competition, practice, and laughs. Whether it’s a rainy day or a family game night, be sure to bring the fun with the Charades Printable Game Bundle. Get yours today!

** This is a digital product. This not a physical product and will not be shipped. **


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